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Default Fuel draw engine failure

Flyboy/mscic - Have pulled the plug and looked at the pick up line, checked the lines for leakage and found all to be ok. Also on the bubbling, I don't think that is a problem cause I flew this plane all summer and fall last year and did not have this happen at all. That's really where I am at now. I did find fuel on the sides of the pug when I removed it, but that's probably what I should have suspected. However, I was able to twist the plug rather easily when I first did my check. I have since tightened up the plug, made sure the clunk is in the right place, and added a short piece of fuel line to the pressure line to the muffler. I think it might be fixed, but wanted other opinions of what I should check. Like I said, the only thing I haven't done is add foam around the tank.