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Default RE: Need User's Advice on Sig Mini Plane Bipe

Such a great little plane, but yes, Sig doesn't go into a lot of detail on the build. Still, it's a very straightforward design with nothing to really trip you up. I put dural gear on mine to avoid problems I'd read about the wire gear, so I con't comment on how the wire gear works. The dural gear is great. Take-offs and landings are a walk in the park.

Everything else I built per the plans, including the N-struts, which were quite a job. I like the 1/6" wire in the struts soldered to the mounting brackets, although I burned a little wing sheeting in the process. I'm not sure replacing the struts with plywood would look as nice.

Your plane will scream with the O.S. 50SX. Mine came out only slightly tail heavy with a SuperTiger .45. An ounce of weight on the nose balanced it out. It flies beautifully, and doesn't balloon with throttle nearly as bad as I was told, certainly not as bad as most trainers. It rolls very realistically, and flies both fast and slow with ease.