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Default RE: Need User's Advice on Sig Mini Plane Bipe

A gyro is very easy.
Use a simple cheap one, since anything beyond that will be wasted since you are going to be using standard servos and not some super quick digital ones.

The gyro comes with instructions, it plugs into the rudder socket in the receiver and the rudder servo plugs into the gyro.
Mounting is using double sided foam tape to the fuselage side.
Set the sensitivity to about mid range, it's enough for the standard servos.
Instructions explain all that, and it's easy.

Do note however, it is a "rate gyro" and not a "heading holder".
The former simply senses yaw and gives rudder to stop it, but will not return the nose to the original heading, whereas the latter does that but you don't want it (it's used on helis)
In any case the rudder command always overides the gyro.

In practice, the correcting rudder is simply fed in earlier by the gyro, than the flyer can sense/see it is required, and the amount the gyro gives is almost the exact correct amount whereas most flyers give too much and result in an overcontrol situation.

In cross winds/gusts it's very helpful on such a small short coupled bipe, and also I can make super long takeoff runs with hardly any rudder corrections.
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