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the pro is it's almost complete. The con is you can't bash it .lol
or take out the deihedral..

I'm not sure about the engine mount for that arf..never own a 4* arf.
I imagine it wouldn't be a problem becuase it's in the engine range.

The problem you might run into when mounting a .46 or a heavier engine is
it'll be nose heavy. It can be easily resolved by mounting the battery
pack in the cokpit area, without adding wieght.
Just paint the canopy black.

the weak spot is always the landing gear mount area.
On a 4* it's also right behind the wing mount former.

the pro can easily repair the fuselege..if you know how.
you can easily reinforce the landing gear area with tri or hard wood.

I don't like the way the vertical stabilizer is just sitting on the horizontal stab.
The rudder keeps it together a little bit but on a nose over generally the vertical
stabilizer gose. i lost a plane after a nose over becuase I didn't double check the stab.
On a kit i can build it a little different.

There's a thread from a while back saying that the horizontal stab sits
a little bit to high, around 1/4 ". i guess if you want it

The con on the wing is you must be careful when handling it
becuase the front part of the wing is not sheeted. it has sub spars.
so if you pick it up sometimes from the front, you'll crack or break the balsa sticks.

The pro's easily repairable becuase it's not sheeted. if you crash, sometimes
only a portion of the wing gets damage. it's alot easier to glue back ribs or those
sub spars.

the 4* is relatively a floater. i personally think the wing is too long, which also
limits it's roll ability but as a second model it's okay.
the other thing you'll notice is the ground buffing effect when making a transition from
a high wing to a low wing. You don't get that in a
anyway, a cushion of air between the wing and the ground during landings.
The model just wants to keep on flying or gose back up a little bit.

You might look into the something extra if you want to roll.
it's actaully pretty gental during landings (use the dual rates) and can roll to the moon.
Plus it dosn't get toss around in the wind as much because of the airfoil design.