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Default RE: Why join a club

Ok, there is an error in the poll - it allows only one selection - it should allow for several selections.

I've found I got into a good club here. We have a field that is owned by the City of Wichita and is being developed into a park with the main part being our field and flying needs (one of 3 fields we have under our control). We've been there for 11 years and the city wants us to stay. I don’t consider this field that far away – 11-1/2 miles, and its 160 acres of flat nothingness – a former land fill that can’t be used for anything else (unless they want something to sink into 30’ of trash). It’s large enough that we are able to fit a complete safety over-flight area as recommended by AMA on the premises’. We have some great club members who very helpful and knowledgeable. When not flying, we enjoy the typical BS sessions.

For the monthly meetings (we meet 11 months at a local aviation museum, and have the July meeting at the club field for a BBQ), we have a turnout averaging probably between 25 – 35 members out of a 150+ member club, which is probably about average for most clubs. We also have a raffle drawing every month with merchandise donated by a LHS who is very supportive of the club, and have a monthly attendance drawing – you have to be present to win.

While you don’t have to be a member of the club to fly at the field, AMA is required to fly there by the city. We also have field maintenance to contend with and that does cost money. So if you fly there we would like for you to join the club, which won’t break the bank at $25.00/year dues (not bad for access to 3 fields, 2 of which have asphalt runways). If you help out at the field with one of the work parties, your name is entered into a drawing held at the end of the year for a new radio system.

This has worked great for a club which is has been around for around 50 years.