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Default RE: Who has taught themself?

i was completely self taught as well, no, well almost no simulator time (about 4-5 min. in total at a hobby shop on a display computer loaded w/ realflight) so i bought a used hobbico superstar on ebay from a guy in illinois name of dave, just a super guy by the way fedex crushed a wing and he helped me through the claims process, writing them letters etc. but to no avail they would not reward my claim even though they crushed the wing..DONT SHIP FEDEX!! but it taught me how to repair everything from sanding/shaping and placing balsa gluing and covering before i even got it in the air! after i got it repaired i made a great first flight, but by the time i got to the second flight i was so shaky that i drove it straight in after making a couple of rounds i dumb thumbed it dead in.. not the last time either, i repaired it and crashed it a total of 12 times! i finally got the hang of it, but the plane was more glue, staples and paint stir sticks than balsa haha.. i got very very comfortable with the superstar and one evening had it in a steep outside/inverted dive and the wings just folded up on me and that was that! irreparable, so i joined the local club, as i had been flying on my grandfathers hayfield, which was actually a great place to fly! wide open and smooth ground everywhere with tall thick grass to catch the plane if something goes wrong, i imagine his cattle wound up eating some balsa wood that got rolled up in the hay due to all 12 of my initial crashes but its good fiber what the heck.. so i joined the club and a guy had a debonair spad that he gave me, but i never could get the cg right so it was a hard plane to fly always tail heavy so it was a fight to keep it in the air, so my wife bought me a h9 cessna and i flew the crap out of it, i mean several hours of strictly air time, most of that doing touch and goes, hammerheads, low near stall passes inverted loops, and all the other basic stuff that it would do until finally after lots of flying time it reached its expiration date and the control horn tore out of the elevator during a steep dive and she went dead in, hard! so i revived the old spad and plan to fly it until i can afford a h9 twist.