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Default RE: Who has taught themself?

I also learn without an instructor. However, I did many hours of practice ( 30-45 min. everyday since three months ) on Real Flight G3.5 simulator. My plane is a Hangar 9 Solo Sport and it fly so much easier than the PT40 on the G3.5 simulator. I was really surprise by how easy it was to fly and land compare to the simulator. Next year I will join our local club but the season was almost over for this year and I wanted to start flying so that's why I start by myself. My friend also learn by himself but with a Nexstar RTF. I will soon get my second plane which is a Neptune ARF and I will fly off water with it next year but again alone because it will be at our chalet which is more than an hour from our club field. I plan to learn with an instructor for any other planes I might have ( as long as it's not an other seaplane ). So far I didn't crash and all my landing where almost always perfect but I am going very slowly with my attempt. I don't want to make any move that I might not be ready for it. I practice a move many hours on the simulator before attempting it. I think that a good simulator, right high wings trainer and some patience are the key ingredient for a sucessful first flight. One should take in note that the competence of a flyer can vary greatly from one to an instructor is the safe way to learn for sure.