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Default RE: Who has taught themself?

The one thing a simulator will NOT do is teach you to fly safely in the presence of other flyers or spectators. I "flew" a single channel ┬ŻA trainer back in the '60s but really only learned how to keep it upwind.

When I got back into this hobby for good a few years ago I sought a modern trainer aircraft (the Sig LT-40), a reliable engine (Thunder Tiger 46 Pro) and computer radio (Futaba 6XAs). My son and I built the kit. I was an experienced kit builder so it was built correctly. We sought the services of one of the club's instructors and learned the do's and don'ts of flying on a controlled field with perhaps 4 or 5 other modelers in the air.

Yes, you can learn to drive a model airplane around in the sky and perhaps also keep it out of the ground. Do everyone a favor and learn to fly safely.