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Default RE: Who has taught themself?



I am curious as to how many people have succesfully taught themself. <<snip>>
Every six months or so, a thread with this topic gets started by someone who hasn't learned about the search function. You can find at least ten in the archives, if you search.

Or were you just wanting to announce that you had taught yourself?
Self taught forum user.

Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions.

Ask on the R/C Car forum to see how many frustrated fliers ended up there after they gave up on airplanes.

I tried to teach myself 4-channel glow powered (with a Kadet MkII) 25 years ago after years of free-flight, control line and 2-channel gliders. I couldn't afford the tuition at the School of Hard Knocks and sold off what I had left. Back in 2002 a friend talked me into joining a club/flight school as he had bought a trainer package. Big difference.

I know there are personality types who are very methodical and careful and can learn on their own. Trouble is it costs about $400 off the top to see if that applies to you.

You can't teach yourself. You can only learn on your own by your own successes and failures. Teachers impart knowledge they have. If you have no knowledge, you can't teach it to yourself or anyone else.