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We are talking 3 different animals here: 4*, Tiger 2, Voyager .40. The 4* is fairly fun because it will fly pretty fast with a good 46 or hover in the wind. The part I don't like is that it also likes to start to hover just above the ground when you are trying to land! then if a gust hits it, bam! It gets slammed backward into the ground! The Tiger 2 won't hover like a 4* but it also flys fast with a good 46 and the landing approach is positive and predictable. It won't suddenly stop and go into a hover. This makes it easier to land in gusty conditions. The Voyager is a high speed mover. It will fly faster than the others with the same engine. Fun to fly if you can handle it! If you can get another pilot to help you buddy box it fro a flight or 2 then go with either the Tiger or the Voyager. If you are on your own then the 4* is a better bet because if things start to go badly, you can slow it down until you catch your breath and then throttle up again. Hope this helps!