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Default RE: A New counter-rotating Prop by Sebastiano Silvestri

He only used it in the finals, he told me that due to low flight speed he was not sure that he would be able to complete one P07 within the allowed 10min. The downwards braking was extreme, really slow speed going down. What I did not like was a high-pitched whine from the gearbox. The sound from the contra-rotating propellors was OK, but the gear-noise was not.
The other one using contra-rotating propellors, in an Seduction from OK models with a dual-motor setup was generating weird noises.
I think that the concept begind the gearbox (e-factor) is a very good one since it distributes equal torque to both propellors. It's still a new concept, and as usual one can expect improvements over time, so lets wait a couple of years and see :-)