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Luke, I am truly honored to get a response from you here. I read your Corsair thread well into the night (more than a day to get through all of it). Read my post on a P-38 thread here where I acknowledge you. To all: this is a fine scale modeler (DionysusBachuss) and we'll all do well to have his contributions here. He has an Historic thread on the Royal F4U which I encourage all to find. This is a Royal thread, but also neccesarily a scale thread. Not just show and tell but also scale modeling techniques are welcome (aka the great Dave Platt!)! Luke, thanks. I hope to communicate with you, and hope you'll help this hopefully fun thread along. I appreciate your "it just looks right" comment, Luke. I realize this plane will be a perfect test bed to try some of your chalk weathering techniques, along with the airbrush. I will post pics of the fun experiments to follow!