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Steve, thanks for your response (parts). One thing I know about the Zero is that it has lots of wing area and should fly well. I've always felt a bit guilty enjoying the lines of the A6M5, but it is a bute regardless. You must know there is a story about the Zeke that goes to Howard Hughes H-1 racer (which I have seen at the Smithsonian along with the Zero), I am mainly a Corsair nut, going back to Robert Conrad in Baa Baa Black Sheep! The Zero is attractive to many for the simple reason that it was GOOD! Just to look at it, you know it's gonna fly well. Because we won the war, it is our perogative to model these things with impunity. It may be different feeling for a Japanese to model anything, but I think they'll actually model our aircraft too (obviously). I love the Corsair and am re-reading Tommy Blackburn's book about the "Jolly Rogers". I always think it is neat to put our models in a historic context. I am a full scale pilot, and so can relate always to the thought of losing "life and limb". I bought a 1940 Model Airplane News with a yellow XF4-U on the cover (this might be a subject for you Luke), it was cool to go through MAN's assesment of the fighter before it became the proven work horse that it was. Seriously, MAN was an aviation magazine as well as a modelers forum back then(I'll post a cover pic of that "experimental" Corsair). How different! ..thanks for the ideas on getting a canopy e.t.c. (to all), and Luke I'll git with ya on that(or other generous folks here). I'm sad to here U.S Wing is that way. I was going to order some stuff from him. I can't believe that B.S. he did with your cowl! I guess I need a different source. I noticed from your old source Luke, about blowing up the .60 Royal Corsair to 1/6 th.; 82" is a good size. Can I partake in that? I trust you on your opinions of outline, and was about to order Brian Taylor's plan, but now feel differently (Holman sells his 82"). Sorry to derail my own Royal thread...carry on gentlemen. Thanks for bringin' in those other P-38 pics Luke, and to the others talking about the Stagerwing Beech..I applaud. Beautiful plane, that is, (saw a restored one lumbering over my native Boulder, CO-Beauty!). Oooh this was too long, sorry all.