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Default A couple of Smoke System install ??'s

I just got done installing a TME smoke pump inside the motor box of my Creek Extra. Then I started searching... and searching for an answer to a question (question #2 here) which led me to another question.

Question #1: I read it is not a good idea to install a pump on the firewall. Does the bottom side of the motor box (mounted on the inside of the box) count as the "firewall"? It is rubber mounted, but if vibration is going to be a problem, I can move it.

Question #2: The instructions that came with this (used) pump, illustrate a vent line, fill line and pump/feed line. Should the vent line be left open? i.e. if you are trying to pump/pull out oil, there should be air flowing in from somewhere... I think

Thanks in advance.


Uh oh, another question just came up... It shows the HPD regulator (hose pinching device) put BEFORE the pump, but the guy I bought it from had it past the pump. Does it matter either way?