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Luke, I'd like to get that Zero canopy from you, just PM or e-mail me with transaction details. I liked your wheel well parts for the Corsair! Could you reproduce those? Does Earl Aune still provide struts and tailwheel, or maybe you have drawings for your excellent tailwheel and hook for the Corsair..loved that. Is that famous Corsair of yours still alive? I had hoped to see a video of it flying. I'm going to make fiberglass doors for my TF (.60) P-51; what weight glass did you use, and was it just one layer of mat? I've used PVA mold release in the past over the Monokoted section with good results. Lastly, I use the same thinned epoxy glassing overall that You did but used a second coat which I wet sanded with 320 and 400, and sand most of it off. What is that red filler you used (brand if possible). -great to see you pop in here, Eric.