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Default RE: New Planes from Meister-Scale

Any one mention a Heinkel 100?

Flat center section, with a single spar behind the gear (strong)

Tons of dihedral (stable)

90 degree landing gear with positive down locks (INWARD RETRACTING)

Wide track mains with large wheels (nice on grass)

4 split flaps, with BIG fish filets on the fuse.

Small aircraft. 92 1/2 inches is 1/4 scale. 1/5 scale is only 74.2 inches (That is for the fighter wing. The race wing was 25'ft)

Very clean design, no external cooling vents (hard to keep it from over heating)

Not alot of pictures of it. They never saw combat.

The Japs bought them and copied/re-engineered them (KI-61 Hein)

Would it be possible to SELL more than 5 to 10 kits around the world?

I guess that is why it is not modeled much.