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Default RE: Hangar 9 B-25 ARF: Building and Modifications

DAMN: Lost the "EDIT" button already on the Table of Contents post. I intended to add your switch/ air filler locations, but can't do it now. Must be "EDIT" rights expire in abouts 30 days. Oh well, Great Idea, Tim!

CRG: flight reports are very welcome here, I wouldlike to hear of some weights tho. Maybe later? Digital scale are becoming quite affordabe: less than $20 will get you a set that is very accurate. You will probably have to weigh the fuselage and wings seperately, but wouldn't it be nice to know how much it weighs?

On the B-25B tail cone: I purchased another one and am re-doing the fuselage (more sanding and filling). On the first tailcone, I had already cut off the tail of my fuselage and was anticipating having to fabricate a tailcone. End result was that I made the tailcone fit the fuselage, (re-worked the tailcone) and it ended up becoming toosmall. This time, I sanded a lot more off of the fuselage (and had to add filler where balsa was sanded clear thru), and made the fuselage fit the tailcone. End result is much better looking/ more scale. I'll post pics later tonight.