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Default RE: Buying steel for workbench?

Find a steel fabricator and get a piece of "drop". If you "walk in" to a steel supplier you'll get raped - and by raped I mean paying between 50x and 100x the normal prices per pound of steel.

You should be able to find a small fab shop who will have some pieces they can cut for next to nothing (or nothing if your nice). Even if you want a 4'x8' piece ask them to order it and double the price for you and you still come out light years ahead.

I work in the steel industry and all our suppliers price over the counter steel to discourage walk ins. Same thing for Lowes and Home Depot on their small selection of steel. They price it at $5.00 per pound a few years ago when steel was still going for 0.30 per pound...gone up since then tho.