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Default RE: Hitec ball bearing servos

ORIGINAL: flyinglow I have 1 ball bearing hitec on each half of an elevator of a U-Can-Do .60. I haven't flown it for a year and I just charged up the battery and was checking the servos and both elevator servos do not move smoothly. They would best be described as ratcheting up and down. I haven't experienced this before. Any ideas?
Just replaced a JR single ball bearing servo with similar problem, the bearing had rusted. Bearings can rust after exposed servos get wet with detergent whilst cleaning a model or simply model being stored for several months in an unlined non temperature controlled garage etc. [The JR ball race had locked up and outer shell turning in the case top - did free up after cleaning with WD-40 but owner agreed to replace with a new servo]. Remove bearing(s) and try working in a little WD-40 or similar. Clean bearing, reinstall and try again.
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