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Default RE: Kangaroo-NitroPlanes-Assembly

Elevator wiring. I cut a slot in the left wing near the TE to feed the servo lead through matching the horiz stab. Elevator servo lead 36" extention was used altho a 24" may have done the job, buy why run short? With a little luck, a dental pick, and needle nose plyers the servo lead was snaked the through the wing. the rudder servo pocket became a way point, then back inside under the retract mount, thru the oval slot in a wing rib being used for both the aileron and rudder leads, then under the wing spar tube thru another much larger oval laser cut hole and the out of the wing. Note I waited to install rudder servo and retract unit just to get this servo lead in place. Heat shink tubine was used on all servo extentions, cannot have these pull apart later on after all is glued together. At this point servos were testedfor operation. Tomorrow I add control horns and 2-56 linkage. Supplied clevis failed when I spread it open to attach it to a servo.

Also I used the Hitec flat lead for two reasons, 1) it was what was on hand, 2) the flat lead was used fo ID purposes. Hitec HD twisted leads on the ailerons, Futaba J leads on the rudders, air line for retract.

Servos are held inplace with #2 hex head screws, a pro-seller has the for sale here in RCU.
Cushion grip 7/64 allen wrench save wear on the hads driving in all those screws.
I bought it at Production Tool Supply a local tool shop supplier like J&L Industrial Suppy.
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