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Default RE: Kangaroo-NitroPlanes-Assembly

Setting up the Rudders you must get the contol horns above the max hieght of the ailerons or you will have an interference problem. Or like me have to move the horns up 3/4". Just 2-56 was used with great planes clevis. The very first supplied clevis, metal, broke when I opened it. So all spplied control rods and clevises were tossed into my Chinese ARF parts bin. A shame because they supplied lock nuts and fuel line keepers.

Pictures show wing dry fit assembled to do the rigging on all the control surfaces.
Because Delta Wings require a lot of elevator, I programmed my radio with elevons. And then useda P-mix of elevator to aux1. Aux 1 is the actual elevator on this plane.

I fly Futaba 9CAP

ch 1 aileron is the left elevon
ch 2 elevator is the right elevon
aux 1 {ch7} drives the real elevator
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