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Thanks Kmot
I had heard John had some health problems as well, and hope he has made a full recovery. I have tried to contact him several times and keep running into snags. I even had a phone # in Florida for him at one time but kept getting an answering machine that did not have his voice on it so I can't say for sure it was even the right # for him. I did leave a message but he never called. I have spoken to him and his wife Lynn on the phone before but that was when they lived in North Carolina. I've also tried to E-mail him at genisis hobby, but when I hit send I get some kind of message stating that the message did not go through for what ever reason, I must admit my computer skills are lacking. I paid for a subscription and would like to get something for my $, so at least I do have another ave to explore! Unfortunatly I can't find my visa statment to prove I paid for the subscription. I hope he has a record of it, or that maybe Lynn remembers, I placed the order through her while getting a replacement vhs for nitro unauthorized t-maxx video rcb004 that had a bad sound track, it was replaced no questions asked and I was not even required to send the defective one back. I do believe he is an honest person that just got turned upside down between the hurricane and health problems.
I have also heard he is the distributor for Y.S. engines. In the videos I have, he makes them sound so good and I am thinking they must be because last I heard only the military can get them. I know I would like to get one.