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Default RE: X9303 Aileron Differential

I don’t think you mix them properly

Wing Type
Next, go in SYSTEM MENU, Jog down to DeviceSEL and make sure all switches and channels are set to INH. Return to the main SYSTEM Menu and select Wing TYPE. Set the wing type to flaperon. This will automatically mix the Aileron channel and Flap (Aux. 1) channel. Plug the right Aileron into the Aileron channel (Ch2) and plug the left Aileron servo into the FLAP or AUX1 channel (Ch6) of the RX the radio will now refer to these channels as LAI and RAI. This allows us to adjust the centering (sub trim), direction, and travel endpoints of each aileron separately. Once we have set up the wing type, it's time to hook up the aileron servo linkages and set up the directions, centering and travel.