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Default RE: X1 CRT Project. :D (No more "IGOT" threads)

I never let anyone touch my controller.

I wanted to drive my bros baja sometime ago, now he said its all set up, I pulled the friggen cord and off it went.

He just stood there laughing while me trying to get a grip on the remote lol.

And I hate it even more when people who dont know how to use a digital remote (EG: Spektrum, JR, Futaba), mess with everything and screw it all up.

Its happened to me at the track soo often.

Now what I do is remove the battery as soon as im done with the contorller.

Im still trying to find a way to remove paint from the body, I have a new one lying here, but its factory painted and I cant find a clear one anywhere. Any idea how to do that.?

Well lets see you stick your leg out when its screaming towards you at full throttle :P, and the only thing you can do it ram it into a bench lol.

I was faced with that decision a week ago.

And I regretted it lol.