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Default RE: X1 CRT Project. :D (No more "IGOT" threads)

Lol, just lean it out till yu think its alright.

I have no idea howmuch Ive spent in RC's lol, and I dont want an idea.

He drives a Range Rover, the bigge one. I dont like it.

He firstly forgot to charge the batteires on his or should I say my bump box.

Second his (my) steering servo went good bye.

Third his axel was bent (ssshh my fault lol)

And I think I may have played around with his (my) gearbox and it needs to be meshed again lol.

He came home some time ago. First thing I did was take my Nitrage out lol.

I keep destroying shocks, its not even funny anymore. Theyre easy to fixx.

Get rid of that 18% and use 25%. Preformance wise its much better, and it also runs much cooler.

If it was in Danger id track him down and take it home myself. I dont even trust my dad with my rc's lol.

Im extremely possessive about it.