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Default RE: Which One To Get

ORIGINAL: CrazyMento


there's only really 2 choices there....the 8 and the Hyper....the Hellfart is JUNK...dont even bother.....the CEN Tr need some serious lovin before it can compete with the rest of the crowd...and the Xut and a Cheep 5T knock off....imo Losi or Hyper.

You are crazy.... the Matrix TR is definitley the best bang for the buck trugyg out of those. I have a RTR and have abosutely no problem hanging and beating the others even with a stock engine. The losi is super nice but also more expensive. IF you are on budget, then matrix is definteily the one to go with.

....maby after u throw 200$ in red alloy thats NEEDED.....the stock Cast knuckles are Junk..,.the plastic toe plates are also junk.....the shocks were Ok i guess...and not to mention the JUNK wing mount...but for the most part its just as pricy as the rest once u consider the hop-ups needed to make it as competitive as the rest of the choices....plain and simple....ive owned/driven every truck in ur list...except the XUT...but thats a Mugen in desguise...so same difference.......Hellfire the most competitive.....HAH.....id LOVE to see a hellfart run with the likes of Losi Mugen Kyosho...that would be a sight to see....