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Default RE: Exceed-RC Raptor G2 Keeps Spining

No problem. Try going to school full time and working full time. It sucks dude! That's how I crashed my Raptor the first time. I was way too tired to concentrate. But I seem to be catchin onto flying now and making the adjustments as needed. I have the hoover down to a T. The hoover is so awesome that I can put the remote down on the table and let the heli hoover. The adjustments are right on point with everything at center throttle. The way I force myself to learn the helicopter, I strip my heli down to the frame and rebuilt it. It seem to fly more stable now that I adjusted the servo connection rods and the fly paddles. You adjust those correctly, you have a hoover like a big boy heli. Now once I get my heart back up for the raptor, I will align and adjust those servos as well. They say that it's Ready To Fly out the box, but even then some adjustments are needed. When I first got the Raptor they stated that the Raptor was tested before shipped. Why did I found the Servo Connectors and Rods adjust incorrectly, one was shorter then the other. They might have tested the heli to make sure it throttled up but thats all. If I was a pro and found that when throttle up it shifts to the left or right, I still would have been angry because of that Ready to Fly out the box. But as it stands, I'm not the type to take things personal. I make the adjustments now before I throttle up any heli now.