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Default RE: ASP/MAGNUM FS400AR Rebuild/Overhaul

Very nice pics & documentation! Excellent job!

Seeing those bits of metal inside the rear housing about stopped my heart! I agree with FBD and Greg (I think it was those two guys...?) about the possible causes of the link pin failure. Someone probably couldn't get the circlip to seat all the way and forced it into the groove. It may even be possible someone used a drift on the rear assy to push the crank forward into the front housing. Whether the circlip was too thick or the groove too small or poor alignment was the culprit - it is mute now. I have seen similar things happen to hardened steel parts that were either not hardened properly or stressed in ways not associated with designed specs. The cam gears and lobes give me cause for concern as they too look to be of sub-standard workmanship. Then again, I'm an EE not an ME!

While I do see where corners were cut regarding the finishing of materials, it is still an impressive piece of mechanical ingenuity! I love seeing stuff like this and wish I could be there to help!

Those are jugs for the .80 right? If you are looking for piston assy or head assy parts that might be a good place to start looking if the supply of 400AR parts cannot be confirmed.

Best of luck and keep us posted!