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Default RE: How financially well-to-do are jet pilots?

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Actually it's none of your business what I make. But I'll tell you this. I worked hard enough in high school to be offered a full four college scholarship. Got my BS degree. I then went on and got a Masters after that. Spent 20 years in the Air Force defending our freedoms. Buried 12 of my friends too, after we dug them out of the "smokin' holes". After I retired got a job with a major corporation flying airplanes. I am gone from my family 18-20 days a month flying people around who think I lead a cush life and make too much money. (Just remember who's in charge when the "fire light" is burning brightly, or the weather is doggy doo and you want to get to where ever.) Yea, you struck a nerve. I have spent my entire life working hard so I can enjoy the things I like. If I want to buy a new jet I just might do it. Now I feel better.....going to go get a nice shot of scotch and work on a jet!
Diddo, This is Matty that used to be at Randolph and Universal City/ Seguin RC club with you.
I ended up doing 22 years in blue and fly for that purple cargo carrier now after being furlowed from the big U.
Its great I have yet to have a package complain to me about the cabin temp or critique me on my landing.
I have 2 jets a Falcon120 and Red Arrows Hawk. F-16 is next.
Have fun