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Default RE: How financially well-to-do are jet pilots?

No Scholarship, just 5 years of full time college concurrent with full time work. I worked my ***** off washing airplanes, fixing 'em, ferrying totally clapped out ones for FREE just to build time so that I could trade my spleen (literally, after car crash and lawsuit) for the bucks get enough ratings for an instructing job making $5/hr and then a charter job for $10/hr...all to get hired by a commuter airline for $775/month (!!) (worked out to about $2.50 /hr when divided by time away from base). Uncle Sam never paid for a stinking DIME of my flight training (but I've paid a LOT of taxes so that others can learn various trades courtesy of the federal government) and I've buried a few friends too. I work hard STILL because after 30 PLUS years in the private sector I STILL can't quit and get paid just because I'm ready to retire in my 40's or because I got passed over for promotion. I hope the corporate execs I work for make a boatload of cash because they've worked pretty hard too, and if I don't like what they make then perhaps I should have gone to business school instead of flying for a living. Oh, wait...I DID go to business school, but decided to keep flying because it pays OK and I don't have to do the 9-5 thing. And for me, personally, 11-something on a weekday morning is too early for a scotch because I'm usually WORKING!

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BigKid, I think your poll is silly and pointless. But I also think it's harmless, so I answered.

tp777f/o, Playful jabs aside, I do thank you for your service to my country. No matter how tuff I had it or how many dues I paid, at least no-one was shooting at me ! Yet.