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Default RE: Looking for Corsair tail wheel build

Sent another email Sam, let me know if you get it!

Thanks Mike, you are way to kind! Hey, my boy plays the Trombone! Cool instrument!

“Last wood kit for me…” LOL Goose you are funny, yea with all these ARF’s and things around who wants to spend hours sanding a block of wood? She is going to be a beauty though and it will be all worth it when you are done. Keep those dreams going on the Corsair, what ¼ scale Corsair did you have in mind?

SVX, thanks man and thanks for the compliment on the old Corsair! I have had my TF Mustang project for years, I stuck it in the atick and forgot about it. It’s certainly not an all out scale job by any stretch, I just wanted something to fly on the weekends but never finished it. I did install gear doors with BVM cylinders and I have the wing glassed. I installed a full cockpit and have the fuselage ready to glass, I’m working on a mold for a Malcolm hood canopy. Maybe I’ll post some pictures on another thread. I understand how projects like this can get stuck!

Randy, That sounds great, another Corsair! You were asking what I was doing next, I didn’t think you would be doing another Corsair so soon after your last one. Sounds like this one is going to be awesome! The tail wheel will really help it’s looks a bunch and I know you will have no problem building it either, you don’t need my help! Group builds are fun though, so let’s get our disk sanders and other tools out and begin. I’ll be making two, one for myself and one for another modeler on here who is having a Byron Corsair built.

Let me get a few steps ahead and I’ll start posting pictures.