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Default RE: Any word on the Flycamone v2?

That's true but bear in mind a couple of things -

- the battery capacity per se is not the issue, it is the rated current of your BEC in your ESC. Some are rated at 1A, some at 1.5A, some at 2A, etc. This is the thing to be careful of if you're planning to use the type3 interface which can power the FCO2 from the servo red wire (and hence the ESC inbuilt BEC). This is why the jumper is fitted, so you can disable it if your BEC is not up to the extra load

- to power the FCO2 off a separate battery pack, you would need an external BEC/regulator to drop the pack volts to 5V which is what the FCO2 requires. These are available from places like UH for around $10 for a 2-3A BEC (although you only need one rated at 350mA or higher). Then you could use the CurveRC interface type 2 with the separate wires and connect the external 5V to these wires. Alternatively you should be able to use a 4-cell Nimh/Nicd pack at 4.8V ie in a glider connected directly to the extra wire pair on the interface and hence power the FCO2.

hope this helps!