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Default RE: Here's A Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! (Part 2)

Wing looks good. I noticed a bit of a "ripple" in it. It's no big deal to sand that right out. But, that is normaly caused by either too cold a wire or rushing the cut too fast. It can also be caused by not enough tension on the wire, but that can be compensated for by going slower with the cut so it doesn't drag. You'll get it. I had to cut several wings and tweak things before I could get it just right (without the need to do any sanding, which is no big deal).

By the way, a tip for wing templates: A friend used that metal duct tape from Home Depot to cover his wood airfoil jigs. He said it makes the wire slide nice and smooth. I've also heard that a strip of wire epoxied to the top of the airfoil jig also does a good job. I've never covered my wood jigs with anything. So long as they are smooth (round off the top corners to prevent drag as well) and your wire is hot enough it shouldn't do any skipping, which can also cause the "wave" pattern.

One more thing. I'm now hooked on this really strong and dense EPS foam a friend and I are getting for free. Sure, it's a bit heavier but you'll save some weight on not needing certain strength mods. It also breaks very clean with no chunking, much like Stryker foam but even better. I've got enough of this stuff stored in my garage attic to build a real sized plane. Anyway, I believe this stuff is called "Falcon Foam" as that's what I found stamped on the side of one sheet. I know you can't find it at Home Depot or Lowes, but I bet it could be found at remodeling supply centers that the contractors go to. Lay your hands on some of this stuff if you can. You won't believe how strong, smooth, and stiff it is.