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Default RE: Here's A Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! (Part 2)

Thanks. The ripple is probably caused by rushing; a reaction from failures of going too slow. The wire cutter (current edition) is hot enough to melt the foam without completely touching it, but not enough for it to glow at all.

Umm, I was looking at different parts for the plane. Does anyone know anything about the Towerpro motors at United Hobbies/Hobby city? They look almost exactly the same as BP-21's and have the same statistics. And those Loooooooooooooooooooong () max look pretty promising.

I did some research on Falcon Foam, they make insulation foam like the InsulFoam that FoamFlyer suggests. They were bought by "Atlas Roofing" who make (who coulda guessed it) roofing products. It looks like the only way to get it is to be a contractor and order it directly from the manufacturer.

(did anyone notice that I'm into parentheses?)[X(]