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Default RE: Avionnette HM-8 build thread.

Oh, darn you Bruce - you're not going to make this easy on me, are you?

As is, the model can be built with a 50" span, and with a 7 1/4" chord that gives around 360 sq. in. IF I could build it 28-32oz, I'd have a wing loading around 11-12 oz/sq ft - not bad. The G-Mark only spins a 7x4 in the low 13's, and it does have a throttle, and, and... I really was hoping to avoid the re-engineering, and get away just building as - is. A 110% model would give me 55" span, almost an 8" chord and 440 squares - right at your magic number... but what do I do about the odd material sizes?

I do like the built-up engine mount, but with the little time that I have to build, it would be another complexity that would slow things down, way down. (But man, it would be just the ticket wouldn't it?) Decisions, decisions...

Oh, CP's right on the covering choice - a model like this needs some transparent covering to show off the structure, but blue and GREEN? [:'(] Nah, maybe opaque white and transparent blue. [8D]

I'll hit Office Depot this weekend and see what it would take to bump this up 110-125%, but I'm not making any promises.

Thanks for your support guys - I think.