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Default RE: Avionnette HM-8 build thread.

There is quite following of the Pou du Ciel of which the HM-8 is family member. I have always thought the Flying Flea a neat design and once built an Ebenezer version of one from a plan I found - might have even been a Steigler plan.

Anyways, I think the HM-8 is nicest looking one of the bunch and the nicest looking full size one I have seen is (or rather was) a Swiss registered HM-8 HB-YEI - wings looked like they were clear doped linen with dark red / maroon leading edge and the fuselage was a dark red / maroon / mahogany and yellow or gold colour; very sharp looking indeed.

Pictures here: http://www.avion.ch/hm8/images.htm

So, if it were me - use the G-mark (although I have PAW 1.49CC that would fit the bill rather nicely), perhaps enlarge it perhaps not, cover with a fabric or silkspan (in fact I would use silkspan or silk over mylar) - clear dope the wing (with a slight tint of cream to get the off white look) and maroon like HB-YEI. If were me of course.

Now you got me thinking of whipping together an Ebenezer HM-8, would that then be a Pou de Ciel-enezer !?!

cheers, Graham