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Default RE: Futaba Module for 9CAP

Hello Frequent Flyer,
I read your other post in the Futaba post.
No I don't think a 9 Channel module will be comeing out for the 9C Radio's. I bought the 7Ch Fasst Module back in October and have used it every since in my 9CAP, without and incidents so far. I did sent my 7-Tm and Fasst Reciever into Hobby Services in January for a check up, and they gave it a good bill of health.
Now about two weeks ago Tower posted a Futaba 10C Fasst 2.4 Ghz Radio for around $600.00 that won't be out until late April, I put my order in early in hopes I will be one of the few to get the new Futaba 10C early,but Im guessing it will be a wait and stand in line game.
I would rather purchase a Futaba 12FGA 2.4 Ghz but due to the cost it was unfesable at this time. So I might wait and see how the 10C works out and go from there. Hope you enjoy your 12Z.
Anyway I've had my 9CAP for about 6 years now and it's sill going strong and dependable, and its the only radio I've had the longest.