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Default RE: Futaba Module for 9CAP

I'd say they are the same in size and the 10C is maybe a tad lighter, hard to tell, in fact the rear half of the case seems like a 9C back with just a modification to the module location, same carry handle.
The antenna arrangement for the 10C is the same as the 9C with 2.4 Ghz module. The heavy plastic projection that the antenna sits on is designed to be a solid "foot" when laying the Tx on its back. When flying you will hardly know you have an antenna if you fly with it turned 90dg. across the back of the case. If you use a foam padded case only a little cutting of the foam will be necessary.
My understanding is that the 10C is "native" FASST, though you only get 1024 resolution with the 10C, though the speed is not determined by resolution. Team Futaba claimed the processing in the 10C eliminated all the gripes with the 9Cs slow processing of mixes.
While the release shows it being supplied with the 14 channel receiver, don't be surprised if it actually comes with a new 10 channel receiver by actual delivery time