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Default RE: Lets see your ULTRA SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Kamakazie, Nice Job I can see by your hanger you like things to go fast as most everything I looked at had a tuned pipe on it LOL, I was going to get the Patriot this year for my winter project, but got talked into doing a Mustang with 4 others for formation flying purposes, how do you like the way it flys, I also noticed you had the Sig cub and the King Kobra, I had both of those also but the 40 sized versions, the Kobra was a handfull I used an OS 40 on it and it would just snap roll all over the sky without me even touching the controls, it would flip over and smash into the ground on landing every single time[X(][8D] I think I over powered it and it was my first jet like plane, I also think I was trying to land it too slow, it needed to stay hot, so I always wanted to try the King Kobra. And I'm sure I will. or I'll just move to turbine jet of some kind. anyway,, nice hanger. keep on rockin the skys