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Default RE: Lets see your ULTRA SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Waldo:

Yep......I do like fast planes! That's how I earned my handle way back in the 70's. I tend to stress the airframe beyond.........that's why I carbon fiber the main spars on all my ships!

The Patriot XL flys great, except for a flutter at high speeds on the rudder. The setup on the rudder linkage is weak. If you decide to build go with something much stronger. I was thinking about altering to pull pull.

I've had three Cobra's in the past and one kit on the shelf to build. The first two I had Enya 45CX's in the nose..........and sorta of self destructed. The last Cobra I mounted an OS32SX.................great combination, and actually much faster than the 45CX's, and better handling because of less weight.

That Ultra Sport will be my second. The first lasted 15 years and was lost last year due to a nubie turning on his transmitter.

Thanks for the compliment!