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Default RE: Lets see your ULTRA SPORTS !!!!!!!!!!!

Been hard at work on US#2. US#1 was retired this past weekend after a long hard life. US#1 was a good ship. I build the fuse and had a foam wing made for it. Flew great. It was my 3rd airplane and took a beating. Had a mid air while practicing snap rolls. The entire middle of the fuselage was destroyed and had to be replaced. Eventually it gained so much weight from glue and half assed repairs that it just wasn't the same. Couple that with some vicious fuel soaking to the point where nothing would stick to it anymore (covering, repairs, etc) and it was time for a new one. Started work on it last night, got the right wing done, today I did the left wing, joined the halves together, and got most of the lower fuselage done. Hoping to finish major construction tomorrow, do the minor construction through the rest of the week, and cover it Friday for a Saturday maiden flight. Going to go for a Red Bull theme on it, similar to this: