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Default RE: Quadra 52 won't run under 3500 HELP

Check the following: Long shot, but possible.

IN the first picture you see the needle control lever. The diaphragm in the second picture pushes down on the lever causing the needle to open and allow fuel to enter.

Turn the carb sideways so that you can look across the base of the carb. The needle lever handle should be dead level with the base of the carb. Not the little knob, but the lever on which the little knob that the diaphragm pushes down on should be level. If it is below the base of the carb, sighting straight across from one sie to the other, it will not allow fuel to enter at low RPM. The reverse is true if the lever "handle" is above the base, it would die at idle due to too much fuel. You can bend this whichever way you need to go. In your case it would have to be below the base for the starvation at idle.

I lay a straight edge across the carb over the lever and you can see which it is, High, low or just right. It should tourch the straight edge just barely.