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Default My baja review

i just brought my hpi baja 5b RTR the other day and so far have run 2 tanks..........
i wanted the ss kit model but there was a 2 month wait so ended up settling for the RTR

The Hpi Baja 5b RTR is definately an awesome machine even the slugy 23cc which i have is alot of fun....

however "HPI quality control" is another story

firstly i checked the box to make sure the hpi factory seal was intact which it was.. upon opening the box and checking EVERY part in the box i noticed 2 clips missing, wheel nut remover universal tool thing was cracked.

even though it didnt mention anything about "running in" the engine, i did so anyway as ive had a few rc zenoah boats.

during the second tank both left wheel nuts fell off!!!!!! half an hour seaching and i found them and put them on tight.... not 10 mins latter the steering arm fell off!!! so i put it back on... the rubber bung covering the reciever crystal fell off and never found.... all this after driving very conservatively

i brought it home and noticed grass sticking out of the engine cover up around the head....i pulled the covers off to blow it out, to do so you have to remove the spark plug, i didnt need the spark plug wrench as the plug was loose!!

ive decided not to run it again until i pull it down completely and rebuild it PROPERLY!!! so much for RTR
this is not the result of cost cutting as it doesnt cost anything the tighten bolts, nuts, plugs ETC properly

DESIGN FLAWS.......(i was suprised to find not many)
the only ones ive found that cause the most hassle is firstly the left air duct, it fills up with grass, stones, dirt etc very quickly. this duct is most of the ducting for engine cooling air..... behind this cover is the pull start...behind the pull start is the flywheel/fan... the fan draws air through the pull start cover and up and around the head... even though there are filters to go around the pullstart, its only usefull when air passes through it..... thats hard when the whole duct is blocked..........
im sure siply mods can help this.

see pics

one of the most high maintainence componants on the baja is also the most pain it the bum to do.... the air filter is very finerky to get off and on...an extended filter base to bring the filter element out abit would help.

some might think this is very picky but no matter what goes on in the design room, manafacture plant etc, there most important sales pitch is the product itself... this whole experence makes me believe the HPI simply dont give a crap.

anyone looking to get one, go for it they are robust and alot of fun...BUT GET THE SS KIT!!!! put it together yourself thats the only way to be sure.