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Default RE: My baja review

I had no problems whatsoever with mine. From what I read, I was very lucky. I guess it's only a matter of time.

Did you know the rear diff is almost dry from the factory? Basically, knowing that I had to do this, I stripped the majority of the car and filled the diff before I even ran it. I didn't notice anything loose during disassembly, but no doubt I have put it back together better than it was at the factory. I've never even disassembled the front end though, as I plan to put a multiplex servo in there soon anyway, so perhaps I have steering control arm fun yet to come. [&:]

As for the grass, yes, it's totally unbelievable. They should call it the 'Cow' 5b, the amount of grass it eats.

May I say though, that a cursory inspection of the vehicle before you ran it, could have at least ensured the wheels didn't fall off. After a few years in the hobby, everyone realises RTR indeed means ready to Rebuild.