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Default RE: Quadra 52 won't run under 3500 HELP

I'm ok with switching to Warb carb,, but which one? My carb bore is 11/16" Don't know which to use.

Today I replaced the pump lever arm. The arm is adjusted flush with the machine face. This time the motor will choke and start using electric starter. The Low speed needle valve now does affect lower speeds. But no way will this go below 3100 rpm. Nothing I do with the needle will keep it running. I would believe I now have the low speed about right because any turn left or right will cause it to die. I checked and the needle is exactly 1 turn open which happens to be the Q recommendation. But it still won't go below 3100 rpm. I change the plug with new one checked the mag gap and no change. I pulled the old and new plug after running with the engine dying at 3100 rpm and the plug was wet. The engine is inverted. I am considering rotating the engine but that is a "lot of work" to rework the entire front end on this bird.