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Default Danger Warning

Hello guys ... I had an experience today that I want to pass on for only general information. I was flying my U Can Do 60, with a Saito 125 and an APC 16x4W prop. In the middle of my third flight, something flew off the plane. before you could blink an eye the engine started screaming (running out of fuel) and then quit. All happened in a time frame of 4-5 seconds at most... The plane immediatly started tumbling end over end. The plane landed on the ground upright!!!! After a search, we found the engine, 100 feet or so from the plane. It appears that one blade broke off the prop, in flight, and then tore the front end off the plane. destroyed the cowl, tore the fire wall into pieces, and generally ripped things apart. My point is not to whine or look for sympathy, stuff happens, ..... but to let beginners, and also long time fliers be aware that it is dangerous to fire up an engine and then throttle up to full throttle with pilots standing along side. I see it happen frequently, engines being run up with no concern whether pilots are in line with the prop or not, and pilots not being concerned that they are in danger. This could have just as easily happened on the stand as in the air! The prop in question had not been struck on the ground that i remember, but it had many dozens of flights on it. I do not know if they "wear" out, if they have a safe life span, or what happened. It tore apart up close to the hub, actually under the prop nut washer. it was not a clean break, but looked as if it had pulled apart from centrifugal (S) force. I do not know what the rpm limits for these props are. The last time I measured the rpms with this combo, it was turning about 9200-9500 static. Can't recall for certain, but it did not seem unreasonable to me. Again, this is only a "for what it's worth information."