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Default OOPS !

Lost it !
Sight control and my bain ! Been drinkin, rainy days are days off for me !
Fixed it, gravel in gearbox jammage, fixed it went out to test it all out, and totalled it, hahahaha, freekish like it was, got carried away with the 45 degree jump in back yard, nice big empty paddock out back, problem is if your in back yard and go off jump you cant see it land, LOL, [fence] l landed rear end first on a house brick, from about 2half 3 metres in air, over my fence, 3/4 throdle when l hit jump, big oopsy, only done it 6 million times with no problem, this time a house brick has appeared out there, ******* next door chucks everything rubbish over his fence, noober, anyways the revo was good while it was, erm straight, l twisted the rear end some, to a point where the clutch bell jammed against the spur gear ! LOOOOL !
Gunna go pull it down in an hour or so, l'll take some pic's, it dont seem that bent, but it is, that spur dont lie, hahaha, nothing broke anyways, all good, all fun, or in your cases funny !
Always funnier when its not 'your ' truck thats bit the dust, hahaha.
Almost time to order a new one !
See if l can knockometre it out first with a 16pound sledge ! hahaha
Or would you guys recommend an oxy ? ! ppfftt