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Default RE: who ever said nitro can't drift?

ORIGINAL: peetiewonder

nobody said nitro couldnt drift. i have never had nitro beacuse i dont feel like paying 20+ dollars a gallon for fuel, and i like the plug and play ability of electric, not having to sit around with glow plugs and motor tuning and cleaning perfectly after every run warm and cool down and all that BS. you like nitro more power to u, but just remember the fastest rcs in the world are electric. nuff said.

I agree with peetiewonder..

No one said Nitro can't drift.. its just they don't like doing it.

Your also missing one major point...

Speed has little to do with drifting, especially technical slides where you cant do 20mph...
Its Very Very hard for a Nitro to perform technical slides,due to the nature of a Nitro motor, they have to build up revs and have such a Tiny Torque band when compared to an electric.. (Electrics have a Torque curve from stand still... a Nitro needs to build revs before the clutch will even engage)

Its about loss of traction, and lets face it, the cheapest and most affordable way to drift is to grab an Electric AWD wack some poly's on it and go sliding without the need to monitor motor temps, motor leaning out or running to rich.

When you blow an Electric Motor, Your out of pocket may be around $40 but when you pop a nitro engine block, your dealing with some big figures...

So its not a case of Nitro's can't drift, its a Case of longevity and ease of matenience..