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Default RE: TBM Props?

Don't make a comparison just by the RPM. RPM on the ground means nothing. You said yourself it pulls better than ever with the TBM. For starters, the Zinger may be a poor choice as a baseline. The whimpy Zinger flattens out to about a 4 pitch on high RPM, so it will turn alot on the ground WOT. AS you'll see, some people don't like the TBM prop, but I understand they are supposed to be the same as a Zoar, BME, NX, and several others.

On my 50cc engines, (Brison 3.2s) I use a MSC 22x8 for the best results. They also turn the least RPM over the others. They are wide, and they load the engine a bunch.

Use what pulls the plane through the sky the best.