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I understand John's position completly! However, I would think he would have had insurance to cover his losses. It is possible he did not have time to get all the details of insurance worked out before the hurricane hit. But it has been at least 3 years now and he seems to be impossible to reach. As I said in another post, I would be more then satisfied to get some of the early issues, but, I don't want to get issues I already have, so I need some way to relay which issues I do have to him, or who ever may be handleing this. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove that I did pay for a subscription because I can't find my visa statement for it, so I can only hope his wife Lynn would remember talking to me, we did talk for a few minutes, also, I have talked to John on the phone a few times as well. I would understand if I can't recoop my loss although I remember seeing the visa statement where I was charged for the subscription. I don't know if he reads these threads or not, but there have been others that say they paid for a subscription, and did not get anything. Bottom line, I enjoyed the shows he put out and would like to see him get back into it, but like I said, I understand.